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SIEM Optimization with Confluent

Augment your traditional SIEM systems with Confluent’s data in motion platform to deliver contextually rich data, automate and orchestrate threat detection, reduce false positives, and transform the way you respond to threats and cyber attacks.

Learn how to build a secure, situationally aware organization with Confluent.

How Modern SIEM Works

how confluent works siem event streaming log aggregation stream processing

SIEM augmentation is driven by three factors - threat, scale, and cost. Most organizations now realize that they want to be more independent from cloud and SIEM vendors, so having a way to bring on new analytic destinations, including modern SIEMs, is an emerging requirement.

Confluent enables you to bridge the gap between old-school SIEM solutions and next-gen offerings by consolidating, categorizing and enriching event logs, network data and log data generated by all relevant data sources for the purpose of real-time monitoring and security forensics.

How Confluent Can Help

Remove Complexity and Break Down Silos

Leverage pre-built connectors and reduce the need for proprietary, individually priced forwarders to easily integrate and distribute data to any sink. Choose any SIEM provider that fits your needs.

Maximize Efficiency & Reduce Indexing Costs

Reduce the computational load on existing SIEMs, increasing throughput. Filter out noisy and low-value data, decreasing high indexing costs.

Faster, Real-Time Threat Detection

Be better prepared for possible cyber attacks. Move from batch processing to real-time anomaly detection at IDS speeds with SIEM velocity and volume

Advanced Analytics

Stay ahead of attackers with advanced analytics integrated with stream processing from Confluent.

Freedom and Flexibility

Deploy on any infrastructure with ease. Leverage your own infrastructure or get started with our fully managed cloud service for event streaming data in minutes.

Adopt New Platforms and Capabilities

Easily adopt new platforms as a a single, easy-to-use, event-driven solution for richer threat models built on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


Ingest, Aggregate, and Store

Unlock and integrate security event and sensor data into a single distributed, scalable, and persistent platform with the Confluent Connector Ecosystem. Create forensic streams for detecting hidden or “sunken” threats. Retain and store data for extended periods of time for analytic engines that may want to look at months of events.

Transform, Process and Filter

Unlock SIEM data to train new machine learning and artificial intelligence models and leverage cloud services. Use dynamically adaptive nature of machine learning / artificial intelligence threat detection capabilities that weren’t available before to automate decision making and threat analysis.

Enhance Anomaly Detection

Leverage stream processing with ksqlDB to create curated streams for richer and more efficient threat detection, investigation, and real-time analysis. Enable massive reductions of indexing costs, improve the efficiency of the SIEM by feeding it better data as well as absorbing ingest peaks to stabilize legacy SIEMs while they are being migrated.

See Confluent in Action

You’re only as good as the experiences you create. To get a full overview of operational data and threats, you must adapt instantly. Today, Confluent allows organizations to process real-time inventory, fraud detection, IoT diagnostics, and analytics, among many more possibilities. Whether your organization needs simple pub/sub messaging, real-time data analytics, or a complete digital transformation, event streaming technology brings a myriad of benefits for the new era of big data.

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Build a Situationally Aware Organization with Kafka

Seamless SIEM

Log Aggregation

SIEM Enhancement

Anomaly Detection and Machine Learning

Customer Success Story

Intel Builds a Modern, Scalable Cyber Intelligence Platform with Confluent

"Kafka helps us produce contextually rich data for both IT and our business units. Kafka also enables us to deploy more advanced techniques in-stream, such as machine-learning models that analyze data and produce new insights. This helps us reduce mean time to detect and respond; it also helps decrease the need for human touch. Kafka technology, combined with Confluent’s enterprise features and high-performance Intel architecture, support our mission to make it safe for Intel to go fast.“

Brent Conran, Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Intel

Observability Solutions Built on Kafka


Datadog uses Kafka as their underlying messaging technology, ingesting data across trillions of data points per day.


New Relic

New Relic uses Kafka to easily build real-time monitoring and observability pipelines with real-time alerts.



SignalFX uses Kafka for modern monitoring and analytics that processes hundreds of thousands of messages per second.



Honeycomb processes large influxes of event traffic by leveraging Kafka to safely publish and ingest messages between distributed systems.



Salesforce built an enterprise-ready, event-driven layer with Kakfa for delivery and ordering guarantees in a secure, multitenant system.



Microsoft Azure processes up to 30 million events per second and trillions of events per day using Kafka for data ingestion and streaming.


Let’s Get Started

As founders and original creators of Apache Kafka, we’ve extended Kafka to create a truly secure, resilient and compliant data in motion platform that’s available across hybrid and multicloud environments.


Fully managed service

Fully managed, cloud-native service for Apache Kafka

Deploy in minutes. Pay as you go. Available everywhere your data needs to be.

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