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Event Streaming Database

Easily build real-time applications that leverage stream processing

Confluent, via ksqlDB, enables you to build modern, data-in-motion applications with the same ease and familiarity of building traditional applications on a relational database. It also simplifies the underlying architecture for these applications, so you can build powerful, real-time systems with just a few SQL statements.



The latest features of the project, delivered monthly to optimize release agility. Supported by the community.

Confluent Platform

A bundled version of the standalone distribution with enterprise plugins, supported with a Confluent Platform subscription.

Confluent ksqlDB

Want to build real-time applications without having to deploy, manage or scale infrastructure? With self-serve provisioning, in-place upgrades, and guaranteed 99.9% uptime SLA, you can focus on building apps and not managing clusters with fully managed ksqlDB on Confluent. ksqlDB with Confluent is transparently upgraded on your behalf as part of our fully managed service. Each Confluent version wraps a specific version of the standalone ksqlDB distribution, regardless of your environment. See the documentation for feature details.

Standalone ksqlDB

ksqlDB is a fast moving project. Try the latest additions as soon as possible through the standalone distribution, which is free to use. The source is available on GitHub. A new release goes out roughly once per month. The standalone edition is licensed under the Confluent Community License and is not commercially supported by Confluent.