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Confluent Platform

Complete, enterprise-grade distribution of Apache Kafka®

Connect, process, and react to your data in real-time with the foundational platform for data in motion. Confluent Platform offers a complete, self-managed platform for continuously streaming data from across your organization to power rich customer experiences and data-driven operations.

  • Introducing Confluent for Kubernetes

    Build your own private cloud Kafka service using a complete, declarative API to deploy and operate Confluent

Confluent Platform

Apache Kafka
  • Self-managed Software
  • Availability Everywhere
  • Fully managed Cloud Service
  • Enterprise Support
  • Professional Services
  • Committer-Driven Expertise
  • Training
  • Partners


  • Unrestricted developer productivity

    Democratize access to Kafka and accelerate the development of modern applications that react to events in real-time.

  • Efficient operations at scale

    Simplify the day-to-day operations of managing Kafka while maximizing its performance, availability, and scalability.

  • Production-stage prerequisites

    Minimize the risk of security breaches and downtime for your mission-critical applications with enterprise-grade features.

  • Freedom of choice

    Deploy on your preferred infrastructure, from bare-metal to Kubernetes, or leverage the industry’s only cloud-native Kafka service in Confluent Cloud

  • Committer-driven expertise

    Partner with the world’s foremost Kafka experts, who work directly with Kafka committers to assist you throughout the application development lifecycle.


Unrestricted Developer Productivity

  • Multi-language Development
    • Non-Java clients
      Write producers and consumers using C/C++, Python, Go, and.NET
    • REST Proxy
      Provide access to Kafka from any network connected device
    • Admin REST APIs
      RESTful interface for performing administrative operations
  • Rich Pre-built Ecosystem
    • Connectors
      Instantly stream data using most popular data sources and sinks with a broad ecosystem of pre-built connectors
    • MQTT Proxy
      Access Kafka from MQTT devices and gateways without the need for a MQTT Broker in the middle
    • Schema Registry
      Offers a central registry for the format of Kafka data to guarantee compatibility.
  • Event Streaming Database
    • ksqlDB
      Build event streaming applications that use stream processing with a lightweight SQL syntax

Efficient Operations At Scale

  • GUI-driven Management & Monitoring
    • Control Center
      Manage key operations and monitor the health and performance of Kafka clusters using curated dashboards
    • Health+
      Ensure system health and minimize business disruption with intelligent alerting and cloud-based monitoring tools
  • Flexible DevOps Automation
    • Confluent for Kubernetes
      Leverage a complete, declarative API to deploy and operate Confluent Platform as a cloud-native system
    • Ansible
      Automate deployment of Confluent Platform on non-containerized environments
  • Dynamic Performance & Elasticity
    • Self-Balancing Clusters
      Automate partition rebalances to improve Kafka’s performance, elasticity, and ease of operations
    • Tiered Storage
      Achieve infinite retention and elastic scalability by offloading older Kafka data to inexpensive object storage

Production-Stage Prerequisites

  • Enterprise-grade Security
    • Role-Based Access Control
      Centrally manage access to critical resources across the entire platform with fine-tuned authorization granularity
    • Structured Audit Logs
      Trace user actions in a set of dedicated Kafka topics to detect abnormal behaviour and security threats
    • Secret Protection
      Encrypt sensitive information (e.g. passwords) within configuration files to avoid exposing secrets
  • Data Compatibility
    • Schema Validation
      Ensure data compatibility by validating and enforcing schemas in the Kafka broker with topic-level granularity
  • Global Resilience
    • Multi-Region Clusters
      Run a single Kafka cluster across multiple datacenters and protect against disasters with automated client failover
    • Replicator
      Migrate topics between Kafka clusters across data centers and public clouds
    • Cluster Linking (preview)
      Deploy hybrid cloud and multi-cloud Kafka clusters by connecting independent clusters to one another
  • Open Source
  • Community feature
  • Commercial feature

Global leaders are powered by Confluent.

Superior Customer Experiences

RBC improves their customer experience through data while staying compliant with industry regulations.

Scalable Online Marketplace

HomeAway manages double-digit billion messages per day with Kafka Streams and Confluent Platform.

Increased Pace of Digital Innovation

Alight Solutions increases the pace of digital deliveries with a unified data platform.